Suede Leather Jacket

What textures are in mode for leather jackets this season: The new designs

Leather jackets can be found in various textures. Different texture adds extra appeal to the outfit and is fun to wear. Different textures also enhance the styles of leather jackets. Leather retains its look and feel for many years.

Most leather jackets are made from cowhide leather. This leather is durable, tough, dirt and water resistant. Motorcycle leather jackets are made using this kind of leather. Sheep skin leather is also used to design motorcycle leather jackets, but this leather is more elegant and softer. Bison skin has a natural green pattern that makes it ideal for military styled jackets. Aviator leather jackets are made from goatskin which has a pebble grain feel. Lambskin is used for making luxurious, soft, light weight and elegant leather jackets. Ostrich skin is very tough, durable and flexible. Pigskin is very versatile in nature, has a lightweight pattern that produces various textures. Shearling is the softer side of sheep hides. These are light weight and very soft. Shearling jackets are very warm. Sheep skin is the sheep hide the wool attached. The wool can be used in jacket linings or as outer layer to give similar look of fur jackets. Leather jackets made from sheep skin are the warmest and are perfect for the winter.

These different types of leather go through a rigorous tanning process in order to produce various textures. The demanding textures are: Nappa, Nubuck, Aniline, Split, patent and Suede. Nappa is very expensive and of the highest quality. Patent leather gives a shiny appearance; and suede leather has a soft feel. Suede leather jackets are thus comfortable and warm to wear. Nubuck is similar to suede, but has a finer texture. Crocodile skin and snake skin have unique textures and are loved by the fashion designers. So in this season’s collection, leather jackets with crocodile and python textures are available and are the major highlights of this season.

Some of the fashionable jackets with different textures displayed in this season’s fashion shows are: faux leather jacket with quilted details on sleeves and shoulder; very soft faux leather with asymmetric zip; metallic faux leather jacket which gives a glamorous look; faux leather having quilting and wool panel; faux leather with fur collar; leather with shearling collar and sleeves; suede leather jackets; patent leather jackets, leather jackets with exotic textures like snakeskin and crocodile skin, etc.

The various textures mentioned are available on all types of leather jackets. Bomber jackets, biker jackets, trench coats, shearling jackets, suede leather jackets - various textures are used for designing these jackets in order to give a new look and style to it, rather than the plain traditional leather jackets. Use of bold and bright colors, shiny appearance, and various embellishments enhance the appeal of these textures. Leather jackets with a blend of texture are very common this season. For example, patent leather with shearling collar and sleeves; or python skinned leather jacket with suede linings.

Leather jackets with different textures have gained popularity recently. Different textures give a different style and appeal to the leather jacket. A blend of two textures makes the jackets even more attractive. Varying the textures of leather jackets is a wonderful way to add variation to the traditional designs of leather jackets.