Brown Bomber Jacket

What to choose from the new trends of bomber jackets

Bombers jackets, also well known as the flight jackets or bombardier jackets were originally designed and created for air force officers and pilots during the world war. During the World War, the planes did not have closed cockpits and it was really very cold in such a height. So, they had to wear too many clothes to keep themselves, which was obviously very uncomfortable especially when you are in a battle. So, during 1915, the pilots from Royal Flying Corps, started wearing long leather jackets and coats and thetrend started since then onwards. In 1917, The U.S. Army designed the first flight or bomber jackets and began distributing. At that time, those jackets were strictly meant to be for men only. But now, these jackets are very commonly found in market and worn by almost everyone.

The trend of bomber jackets that started since the World War is still here and it is now considered even more trendy and fashionable. This season, to keep yourself safe from the cold, a bomber jacket is a must try.This jacket was mostly very famous during the 90s. Men and women, both were equally fans of these jackets. Various differences and modifications have been seen in the designs and colours of these jackets since then. Here is a list of some of the many designs of the bomber or flight jackets you easily get in the market this season:

 • Dark shaded bomber jackets:

Bomber jackets that were designed for the pilots and the air force were originally of Navy in color. But these days, one can easily get jackets of various shades, especially darker shades. Black and brown bomber jackets are the once that are most sold from the market as most men love black and brown and those colors are so manly. These jackets are not necessarily made out of real leather but synthetic leathers can also be used to make these jackets. But no matter what the beauty of the jackets are no lesser and the warmth it gives is the same.

 • Floral Printed Bomber Jackets:

Females have always loved soft colors and pleasant designs. So, this season, designers have designed a new type of bomber jackets especially for women, that has pleasant floral prints. Winter is bizarre and colorless. All you can see is the white, white snow everywhere. So, why not bloom up your winter with some warm and pleasant bomber jackets with floral prints?

 • Leather bomber jackets:

Leather is one of the most used material for making clothes, outfits and accessories for people these days, especially jackets. Originally, bomber jackets were made up of rough and strong leather to keep the pilots and air force officers safe from the low temperature at such a height. Replicas of those bomber jackets are easily available these days. These leather bomber jackets are generally used by bikers, racers etc. But this does not mean general people do not use this. They obviously do. Black and brown bomber jackets are the mostly made and bought jackets made out of leather than any other color. But if you want any other color, you can easily get colours like red, yellow etc. as well.

So, this season, re-live the 90s era with your favourite type of bomber jacket! Bomber jackets are not only trendy but durable as well. So, this winter stay warm! Stay stylish!