Shearling coats for women

The shearling jacket for women- How it changed this year- the new trends

Shearling coats for women are hot this season. In past seasons, the look was more conservative and looked more like a suede trench coat with fur lining and trim. In recent years, the look is much more tight to the body as well as going in directions not previously thought of in past years. Aviator shearling jackets, for example, are new this season and really turning heads. Also, some of this season’s collection is much more colorful then previous years. More conservative styles are still in, however this season really doesn’t hold back in terms of flash in the colors of leather and furs you can get this year in a good shoaling jacket for women.

We start with style. In the past, shearling jackets tended to be more on the trench coat side of things in terms of design. In other words, they were long, loose fitting, and overall pretty basic in design. Because the “it” trend this season is fitted clothing, these jackets are much tighter and hug the body much better than in past seasons. The fur that comes with these jackets is much more conservative, and the leather comes in only the best of the best and the softest of the softest leather. In terms of new styles to the trend, shearling aviator jackets in particular are really popular this season. Coming off of a look made popular by bikers and piolets, this look is truly one of the most rouged this season in terms of shearling coats for women.

Conservative is still the “it” trend this season. That means the style is clean cut, hugs the body, and doesn’t really stand out as the most experimental in terms of recent clothing trends. While these styles won’t stand out as the years go by, they will always be fashionable because trends tend to not change as much as people presume. By going conservative and buying things that look like they could pass for every day styles, you’re ensuring that your jacket will be in style for years to some. Conservative styles with conservative styles are definitely the way to go for style that looks good and stands out for years to come.

For the bolder, however, this year’s unique trend is the brash clashing colors on clashing colors look. These shearling jackets for women are much bolder and make a much louder statement in terms of fashion this season. These jackets come in a more classic base color for the leather, or possible even multiple different colors of leather, and finish up with bold fur flair that really sets these jackets apart from other coats this season.

In summation, this year’s primary popular trend is the conservative style. These jackets are great for a look that will stay in style for years to come. While shearling coats for women use to be closer to trench coats in years past, this year’s trend is much closer fitting and in some cases, even puffier then in years past. Aviator shearling jackets are a new and bold style that emerged this season and took the style by storm for designers of this year’s fall winter collection. Color means everything. Whether you want to be conservative or bold, this year’s selection has a bit of it all for a woman looking for that trendy shearling jacket this season.