Brown Leather Belt

The classic leather belt- The changing trends of this season

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a belt is “a strip of leather or any other material worn around the waist to support or hold in clothes or to carry weapons”. But do you use belts only to hold in your trousers? Yes but there is more to it than just holding up you trousers. Belts are very important accessories that you would hardly miss with any of your outfits, especially with you jeans, shorts or skirts. Belts can be a means of your style statement.

Wearing a belt appropriately can be like a simple chemistry experiment in fashion world. It is a simple task to determine your taste of clothes and sense of fashion. A small mismatch proves that you need to rethink about your taste and you still have a lot to learn about the sense of fashion. When you wear a belt with your jeans or any pants, it is usually a leather belt as leather belts are perfect for your formal as well as casual attire. Black and brown leather belt are the ones that are frequently used by the people.

The history of belts started from the Bronze or Prehistoric era. In those days belts were not used for fashion and styling, instead belts had the only function of holding tools and weapons. Those belts were made from the barks of the trees and other rough fabrics. Romans also wore special kind of leather belts to make a holding space for their swords and daggers. In the Medieval age, a revolution to ta fashion of belts was seen. But the belts of the rich and poor could easily be distinguished. Gorgeous rich ladies also started flaunting different types of belts along with their long gowns. These belts had many eccentric designs whereas other belts would be very general used for holding metal tools.

The Changing Trends in Belts for this season are best described below:

 • Vintage Jean Pin Buckle Belt: This is the most happening belt for this season. The best part of this belt is the elegant leather and premium buckle used in it. This belt can be used in jeans as well as in the formal pants.

 • Metal Buckle Leather Belt: The premium leather is used in this belt. The most elegant one. The main feature of this belt is the metal buckle which gives one's a royal look. The formal pants look cool with this metal buckle leather belt.

 • Automatic Buckle Leather Belt: This belt is the best compliment to the formal pants. As the buckle is automatic you are never furious with the lock part. The formal black pant looks very well with this automatic buckle leather belt.

 • Leather Belt in Silver Pin Buckle: This belt is really meant for the casual wear. Your jeans really go well with this belt. The best part of this belt is none other than the silver pin buckle which gives rich look for your jeans.

But now belts are your fashion statement. The older uses of belts are hardly here. The way you use your belt and the type of belt you wear, actually shows your sense of fashion. Many stylish and trendy belts these days are made up of fine and polished leather to give you a classic look.

This season give a try to different elegant leather belts that you can get in the market. Buckle up this season with leather belts as well as the brown leather belt.