Leather Coats

Hot Fashion styles of this season- The new trends in leather coats

Fashion is a now a form of lifestyle. Everybody has their own fashion sense and style but it somehow cannot remain constant as the fashion trends keep on changing with time, season and various other factors. The world has come to this technological era where looking good has become so very important and commercialization is very rampant. Now, looking good has its own merits and it can have things done easily for you without your realization. Leather has been a very important part of fashion industry for all these years to now. Leather is here to stay. And each year more and more fashion styles in leather come to reorganization. This 2014’s fall/ winter is here and there are plenty of hot fashion styles in leather you can and should wear. One of the trends with leather this season is leather long coats. Many celebrities from Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian have been flaunting this new trend with ease and flawlessly. Today here we will take peek into the trends of leather coats for this season. Here are some:

 • Below the knee length leather long coat: This type is surely long as the name suggests and falls down the knee, enough to cover your cocktail or party attire. Wear this with your jumpsuit for cocktail party or a gown or a dress. This leather long black coat can never go wrong.

 • The trench coat in leather: Again this one is a long one too. And this style is very sophisticated. It will look classy and elegant if you pair it with certain attires like formal pants, or elegant dresses.

 • The belted coat: Leather coats come with varieties of belts now, esp. the longer one and it adds to the mystique in the personality of the person wearing it. From simple to edgy you can find leather coats with belt in various styles.

 • The one with slim fit design and biker details: This one is celebrities favourite this season, Rihanna was spotted wearing a similar design and even Kim Kardashian too. This gives you that sophisticated and at play look at the same time. The biker details make it look hot on you and the slim fit design accentuates your shape.

 • Hooded draped style: This style of leather coat is shorter than above mentioned ones and looks younger and more fun as well. Pair this one with a skirt or jeans; it will look just as great.

These were the top 5 celebrity loved and hottest leather cots fashion trends for 2014-2015. To make them look even better on you, you will have to take care of the little details like your boots, outfit, hair and other stuffs. It looks best if for a coat settling above the knee you wear high boots but if the coat comes all the way down your knee then long boots might look a bit lousy. About outfit, leather goes with almost anything but make sure what type of coat are you wearing. For e.g.: if you cannot do it properly then a long leather coat with fur might look silly in a silk gown. Also while going for collared coats it looks better if you have your hair tied back although you can do your own experiments as well.