Leather Sport Coat

Topic: What's preferred in a leather car coat by leather lovers

Car coats were actually designed for open car driving. These coats were developed to keep the driver warm during open car rides. Eventually, these coats were worn not only by fast convertible car drivers but also managed to become a fashion sensation due to their good stylish looks and the added comfort value. These coats were and are generally crafted of leathers as leathers are good fabric to keep one warm and make one look stylish at the same time. Car coats can be found in various other specific styles and looks. Leather car coats are generally of mid-thigh length.

Let us start off with the colors that leather coat fanatics seem to be interested this time around. The color of preference surely seems to be black as like with all other leather wears. Black provides that classic touch to people’s looks thus being the color of choice among leather lovers. The other popular color among leather car coats is darkish brown. Although black is a first choice color among other leather jackets and apparels, when it comes to car coats such as leather sport coats then people seem to have a deep fascination with the brown ones. The dark brown ones seem to be the preferred ones to say the least.

Leather car coats with fur collar also seem to be attracting a hell of a lot of people. For the winters, leathers and furs seem to be the automatic choice for extra warmth. These coats not only provide that extra warmth and comfort to the open car drivers but due to their stylish outlook can be used as a serious winter wear for casual or any other purpose. In colder areas too, these coats can be of great use. Apart from fur collars and other fur additions, leather car coats also come in with extra insulated linings to provide warmth. All in all, leather coats with heavy fur additions and insulated linings seem to be the choice for comfort, warmth and style.

Zips in leather coats have slowly started to become a compulsive addition. As leather coats evolved, zips started to be an important addition. To add to the main zip, coats with collared zips and zips in interior and exterior pockets are also quite popular. Apart from zips, flapped fronts and collars are also popular. Big pockets too, are important in leather car coats due to the fact that they allow the driver a safe space to keep the keys. This trend goes on as leather car coats with more zipped huge pockets are being preferred among leather fashion lovers. Coats with frontal buttons are not uncommon too. Coats with four or five frontal buttons are ones of choice.

Lamb skins seem to be the automatic choice among leather car coat fanatics. Lamb leathers have always been the primary choice for leather car coats, because they provide that extra insulation. Coats with Mouton for collars are also important fashion fascination among leather car coat lovers. Lamb skin is also used and preferred because of their softness which provides that extra grace to ones outlook.

To be more specific, let us consider a popular coat used for a more casual purpose: leather sport coats. These coats come in with open front with few or no buttons. These coats can be almost worn for all purpose. They can be carried with any casual jeans or boots. They are usually not too heavy but the comfort/warmth and style they provide is not light either.