Mens Brown Leather Jacket

Leather jacket or a vest- the practical choice

Whenever you’re thinking of investing in a new piece of clothing that is slowly generating popularity amongst peers always do your research. Shopping isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. To some extent it is a skill that you need to work on, from time to time. So whether you’ve hit the mall for a mens brown leather jacket or a shirt to go with your leather vest, take heart, finding the perfect fit will happen, it will just take time to happen.

Lately leather has been showing the fashion industry flames. It’s become a favourite for celebrities, fashion designers and trend followers. People are running to get coloured, textured, biker, bomber or studded leather jacket. There are some who want to be even more unique and opt to go for the leather vest. Certain retailers sell the vest studded. The leather vest is scarce in stores, even online. This could be because people aren’t really familiar with it. It also isn’t exactly becoming of style and class.

Leather vests look more like they belong in a suit of armor. Most designer says, “Leather vests are outdated. Kanye West used to rock them.” The vest executes different styles for men and women. “For men they look gay but for women they can work, only if they are tight fitting,” he says. The leather vest is more for the younger crowd, “Mostly teenagers,” says Malugnane, the renowned fashion designer. He says that a leather jacket would be a more practical choice between the two because with the jacket you can wear it with a lot of stuff.

Men usually love the simple stuff. Very few pay attention to the latest fashion trends. Malungane isn’t one of them. He owns a mens brown leather jacket. “It’s a biker jacket that has a rough texture. The leather is smooth,” he says. He isn’t fond of the black jacket. “It makes me look like a hit man,” he says.

Online store, the one-stop shop for everything leather, e.g. pants, jackets, shirts, accessories, etc, etc. They have studded vests in stock and they come in diverse colors, red, yellow, white and brown. The studs overpower the vest and give the vest a heavy look.

Studs sit way better on a leather jacket, as they add class and actually look good on a leather jacket. Studs don’t do anything for the leather vest. Typically it is worn with a do-rag and fingerless gloves. It’s possible that the vest is just an attitude statement.

The leather vest doesn’t offer any real protection for bikers. It is old fashioned and is a less functional form of a jacket. Even bikers don’t know the exact function or reason for wearing a leather vest. sheds some light on the different leather vests available for bikers. There about 4 kinds of vests a biker can wear on the road. The main purpose for each of them is either to retain heat in cold weather or to let your skin breathe in warmer weather. There’s the safety vest, the leather vest, the textile vest and under-vests.

All things seen and heard about the leather vest, the leather jacket is the practical choice when compared together. The leather jacket trumps the vest by miles. It offers protection and adds a touch of style to anyone wearing it.