White Leather Jacket Men

How leather jackets have changed this season- the new fashion trends for men

Jacket is a must for this cold season. Leather jackets are ideal for giving you comfort, at the same time, style. Leather jackets protect you from rain, wind and snow and also keep you warm. Leather jackets can give you both a casual look and a formal look. Leather jackets are made from hide of various animals. Leather jackets made from cowhide and sheep skin are most common. The type of hide used for making leather jackets affects the quality of leather.

Design of leather jackets change every season. Functionality is a key factor when designing a leather jacket. For example, in winter, thick leather is used and other fabrics like fur are used in the collar to give extra comfort during the cold days. Jackets are sometimes padded to give warmth. In summer though lightweight form of leather, like faux leather is used for designing leather jackets. As leather jacket serves the purpose of providing protection from cold, it can be worn over a sweater. Sleeveless leather jackets are also designed to give a smarter look to leather jackets. Unlike traditional design, modern leather jackets have include studs, embroideries, and other embellishments for a completely new look.

A black or white fitted quilted jacket looks elegant this season. Formal styles of leather jackets are also available in this season. Dark colored office style leather jacket gives a classy look. Moto jackets and patent jackets are very trendy. Black leather jackets with contrasting sleeves of animal prints and other prints are sure show stoppers. White leather jacket men are gaining popularity. White leather jacket men that are with fur collar gives a special edge to the design. Metallic color, bold prints, and various kinds of embellishments are this season’s highlights. Biker leather jackets with fur collar add a modern touch to the jacket. Classic style biker jackets had only a simple logo of the brand near the sleeve. Modern trends include pictures of skull and wings to give a bold appearance. Shiny or metallic look of biker jackets are also very trendy now. Though military style is very old, it is still trendy this season. Colored leather jackets in different textures have gained popularity this season. The different textures give a new feel to the leather jackets.

In comparison to classic designs, modern designs of leather jackets have perforations all over the jacket for more comfort, much detailed cut, embroidery on sleeves, etc. Black and brown are the traditional colors. Modern colors are soft grey, blue, white, red, and burgundy. Some designers even use bold colors like orange and yellow, and shiny colors like gold and silver.

No matter how modern your leather jacket looks, if it’s not of the right fit, it won’t look good on you. Leather jacket of good quality does not come cheap. But you have to remember that it’s a going to be a lifetime investment, so it’s worth the spending. Leather is very durable; it can last you a life time. Wearing a leather jacket gives you a feeling of luxury. Leather jacket reflects your personality. It gives you confidence. The tough look of leather jackets has been liked by most people over the past years and will continue to do so.