Womens Brown Leather Jacket

Designer leather apparels—The jacket trends

Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Louis Vuitton. All these names are big in fashion designing and setting trends. They are known as luxurious and glamorous names. Truth be told designer apparels are coveted items by the public not only because of the weight of the name but because it is a common believe that an expensive item will last longer than a cheap one. And it is a known fact that designer items aren’t a cheap accessory.

Owning an item from these fashion power houses is a big deal for anyone who is fashion forward and follows the trends. Currently leather clothing has swarmed the fashion industry. The leather jacket is currently trending. You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket, especially a womens brown leather jacket. The jacket is hard to come by and that is what makes it an item worth having.

Due to the increase in leather supply and demand, fashion designers have given the market what it wants, leather! Commercial clothing designers like Saint Laurent, Armani, Hugo Boss and Burberry have invested in the leather jacket trend. Some designs are figure hugging and sophisticated.

A basic womens brown leather jacket isn’t a popular for most fashion houses. Burberry has a chocolate design and Hugo Boss is the designer that has dabbled with different colored leather jackets. They offer red, green and pink pastel colors in certain designs, whilst other designers have gone for the neutral colors, the grays and the blacks.

Designer leather jackets have diverse and fun designs available for customers online and in store. This could be owed to fashion houses investing in the sketch and make of the cloth. Designers take time to think of innovative ways of making their work unique to the crowd.

Their leather jackets are found to be sexy, detailed and appealing to the eye. Designs available to the market are short sleeved, peplum, oversized, wrapped, round-shoulder, bomber, scuba, varsity (the popular jock jacket from high school or college) the list goes on and on. Some makes of the garment are coupled with lace, cotton fibers or fur. Simone Rocha’s leather jacket designs are bright and they stand out. She has made a snake printed design.

The price of a designer leather jacket is steep. Most well-known brands have a starting price of up to $2000. Hugo Boss jackets are market related. You can get a good looking leather jacket from around $600. Faux leather is also on market, it was introduced to keep up with demand but mostly it is seen as a cheaper garment to wear, compared to the genuine leather pieces.

Fashion designers can play around with color and design with faux leather. Simone Rocha has made a blinding silver patent leather jacket. Metallic and nylon are some of the end products of faux leather. The Versace faux leather quilted jacket costs approximately $690, which is a market related price for some genuine leather jackets.

More and more stores are stocking up on the product to sell to consumers. It flying off the shelves is an understatement. Latest statistics show a significant rise in the amount of leather clothes advertised online in the last few months. The leather revolution has only just started picking up again. The trendier and more sensual the cut, the more elegant and stylish you will feel when wearing it in public.