Batman Jacket

The movie superheroes jacket collection Which top 5 made the mark this season

To create a trendy look, a movie superhero jacket can play an amazing role. The top 5 movie superheroes jacket collection that have made the mark this season are as follows:

 • Batman Bane's Leather Jacket

Bane's Leather Jacket was worn by Tom Hardy in the movie titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ launched in 2012. This hand-made jacket has been produced from real cowhide leather. This batman jacket contains double stitched along with Polyester Lining has ensured extra durability. The amazing attribute of this jacket is the inclusion of Box Pockets. The Bane’s jacket is available in black and brown leather. The wearer will get comfort by the two numbers of front-side hand warmer pocket systems. This jacket contains easy and full length zip closure placed in thefront side. In the back side, this jacket bears T-shape design. The short length strap collar design of this batman jacket is really cool. The sleeves contain open bottom design in hem.

 • Assassins Creed-3 Denim Jacket in Black-Red

Connor Kenway has worn the Black-Red Denim Jacket in the movie titled ‘Assassin Creed 3’ game. This jacket is available in black and red leather. It looks really gorgeous in the nice design that combines red & black. This jacket has made from high quality real denim fabric. It ensures high durability through the double stitched fabric containing Polyester Lining. The remarkable feature of this jacket is the hoodie with the collar system. The wearer will enjoy storing essential gadgets in the two front-side hand warmer pocket systems. The nice combination of frontside full-length zip closure system and backside T-shape design makes jacket unique. The sleeves containing open bottomed hem-design is really cool.

 • Jacket Robert Downey Jr’s Real Leather in Iron Man 2

The film ‘Iron Man 2’ was a milestone in the career of Robert Downey Jnr, who played the role of Tony Stark in the year of 2010. In this movie Robert Downey Jnr had attracted his fans by appearing in a nice jacket. These jackets have been produced from high quality soft leather extracted from lamb or sheep skin. Interestingly, this jacket bears the circular shape design for placing the energy pack of Iron Man. The amazing black-gray combination has added great beauty to this jacket. This jacket contains two zipper pockets placed in hand warmer position and style. The wearer will look smart with the short length collar design. The cuffs of this jacket contains zipper closure system. Another amazing feature is the high quality YKK style zipper. Adding to these, the jacket bears zipper cuffs along with double stitching in all over the jacket-body.

 • Harrison Ford’s Brown Leather Jacket in Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford has worn this jacket in the movies titled as ‘Indiana Jhones’ in 2008. These jackets are made of 100% genuine type cowhide leather. This jacket is available in faded brown color portraying a distressed look. The most amazing feature of this suit is the inclusion of shirt collar type design-cut. This brown Jacket has 2 hand warmer pockets on the front side. A full-length zipper opening system is added on the front side. The Harrison Ford jacket also contains T-shape design on the back side. Besides these, Harrison Ford's jackets contain shirt-collar style. The wearer also looks amazing in the jacket because of the design-cut with open bottom hem-design. This jacket offers polyester lining with double stitching that ensures the highest level of durability.

 • Keanu Reeve’s Real Leather Long Jacket Coat in Matrix

Keanu Reeve's Leather Jacket was worn by Keanu Reeves as Neo in the movie titled ‘Matrix’ that was launched in 1999. This hand-made long-length jacket has been produced from real lambskin or sheepskin leather. This ultra soft jacket provides great comfort to the wearer. The double stitch design and polyester Lining enhances durability. The jacket looks amazing for the suit collar system along with T-shape design on the back. Keanu Reeve's jacket is available in black leather. The two front-side hand warmer pocket inclusions are cool. This jacket contains flap design on therear side. Bottom design at the hem on the sleeves makes the wearer look smart.