Cyclops Jacket

The fantasy Sci-Fi movies and the new trends in leather clothing which they brought

The sets in fantasy movies based on science fiction are ‘home’ for iconic leather clothing like the cyclops jacket among many others. Once the theatre lights are dimmed, we are taken back in time or fast-forward to the future. Since sci-fi films are inspired by time travel phenomena, we have seen a lot of futuristic designs as well as vintage pieces in the character’s costume. If you want to travel back and beyond, follow us as we take you there.

Michael J. Fox’s Jacket as Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’

Although this movie is a throwback from the ‘80s, the futuristic time travel tale tells that the future is actually right now. And why not? The quilted jacket/vest is so right at the moment. Not to mention the red and blue combinations on Michael J. Fox’s costume is the trendiest colours of the season.

Chris Evans’ coat as Chris Everret from the ‘Snowpiercer’

If you had seen the movie about the French graphic novel, you definitely had feasted your eyes with a lot of fur coats and jackets on the ice-age setting. But the story revolved mostly in advanced years that happened in 2031. Chris Evan’s black coat turns out to be a vintage after allas they were locked in a perpetually moving big train since 2014. Big coats are one of the trends this season.

Shailene Woodley’s leather jacket as Beatrice Prior from ‘Divergent’

Set in Chicago with its futuristic backdrop, Woodley’s black jacket with quilted details on both arms is perfect for the sci-fi novel. It tells the tale about growing up and exploring one’s identity in the midst of violence and various societal structures. Black leather jackets are a classic in utilitarian dressing. It can create a modern twist with whatever you wear underneath.

Megan Fox’s jacket as April O’Neil from ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Megan’s mustard coloured leather jacket is hard to miss in the movie about alien invasion. The four reptile warriors’moss green costumes are contrasting to the yellow jacket of the friendly reporter, April O’Neil. Megan Fox is first known in another sci-fi movie as Mikaela Banes from the Transformers. If you have an eye for latest fashion, mustard yellow and moss green are the right colours to choose.

Scarlett Johansson’s fur coat as an alien from ‘Under the Skin’

This sci-fi thriller showed the voluptuous Johansson on a chestnut coloured fur coat. She’s actually an alien in this film who’s out and about to seduce Scottish men. Why Scottish if you may ask, well it’s because the sci-fi thriller’s plot is based in Scotland.

Matt Damon’s zebra printed coat from ‘The Zero Theorem’

Matt Damon has the power to turn any outfit as famous as his name. This time, he’s getting into that animal vibe with the zebra prints for his armchair and suit in the film. Trending right now are jackets that would inspire you to go out on a safari getaway. This sci-fi eccentric film is about a computer prodigy and an ethereal figure that works in solving the ‘zero theorem’. If there really is a math formula to figure out whether life has it’s meaning, count on the jackets you can have for this winter and see why there is so much to work and live for. So, when are you gonna get a cyclops jacket?