Inception Leather Jacket

The movie enthusiast's favorite - the new trends of celebrity clothings

The clothing industry is one of the most evolving in the world. The trend in the clothing industry is greatly influence by the celebrities in the movie industry. Celebrities have a huge following in the world especially those from the Hollywood industry. Fashion conscious people who are also movie enthusiast are keen to follow the new styles being introduced by the celebrities. There are several fashion magazines which show celebrities in their cool and stylish clothes which influence the world. Here is some of the new trending celebrity clothing that made statement in the fashion industry.

The Shia Labeouf Wall Street Jacket

This Wall Street leather jacket is a sleek and cool outfit which was inspired by Michael Douglas in the popular movie The Wall Street. You can pair this lovely jacket with sneakers and jeans to give you that super stylish look.

The Inception Leather Jacket

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the best actors in the Hollywood industry; the actor inspired the inception leather jacket in the movie Inception, this classy and elegant jacket is so fashionable and will make the wearer look absolutely stunning and smart. This smooth and sleek jacket is tailored by ingenious designers to make fashion statement whenever and wherever you wear it. You can combine the inception leather jacket with jeans or khaki and stylish boots to give you that overall smart look which will definitely make head turns in streets.

The Captain America Jacket

The actor Chris Evan is another popular actor who greatly influences his fans by inspiring the Captain America Jacket from the movie Captain America. This leather jacket is made from hide leather and well stitched and tailored to make the wearer look extreme stunning and stylish to an extend of making heads turn.

Terminator III Leather Jacket

You can’t finish naming all the best movie clothings without mentioning the Terminator III Leather jacket which was made famous by the former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the popular movie the Terminator 3(Rise of the Machines).This leather jacket is sleek and elegant. This leather jacket is a smart fit which will make the wearer look sharp and smart especially when combined with jeans and stylish shoes.

Iron Man Leather Jacket

The Iron Man leather Jacket is cool clothing inspired from the movies. This jacket was worn by Tony Stark in the movie Iron Man. This leather jacket is fetching because it made form 100% real leather and the inner side is made from very soft polyester lining. This sleek and elegantly designed jacket can be worn by jeans or khaki and will definitely give you that outstanding look.

The Casino Royale Bond Leather Jacket

James Bond never disappoints in his movies especially when it comes to choice in attires when shooting movies. The Casino Royale Leather jacket is cool jackets that will give you that sophisticated caul look that will mesmerize people around you. You can try this outfit and it will add some glamour to your look especially when combined with study shoes and jeans.

Bourne Legacy Jacket

The Bourne Legacy jacket worn by Jeremy Renner in the popular movie The Bourne Legacy will definitely add some bravery and boldness to the wearer. This is one of the trendiest and stylish jackets in the market. It is a perfect piece of jacket for motorcycle riders and can be paired which khaki and boots to improve your impression and attitude.