John Lennon Jacket

The yesteryears iconic celebrity costumes - The top 10

Music has even greater audience and grasp than movies, it is not necessary to compare but just for the sake of it , music has greater fan following as it is an art form which is almost like oxygen to men and came long before technology ruled us. And this is why musicians are even bigger celebrities than actors. Musicians start trends in clothing ways and may other practices. And when the musician is someone who sings to people’s heart, he/she becomes legendary and anything done by them is beyond perfection to audiences. When it comes to clothing habits, musicians are the ones to have inspired new trends and rebellious fashion. From denims to ragged denims, converse, head band, wrist bands, studded belts, low waist pants and whatnot; musicians have had the most outrageous change in fashion industry. With movies it’s the characters, the actors are not the characters so the grasp is a little loose but musicians are just them and people dies for their ways as it really is their way. Music Industry worldwide came to a new height from the 80’s ,be it the rock and roll , reggae , pop or any other genre from 80’s onward music bloomed into people’s heart like never before and so did the musicians’ style. Musicians’ costumes were and are of great interest and pride to the audiences. Today here we bring you the most iconic of yesteryears celebrity (esp. musicians) costumes. The Top 10:

 • Michael Jackson’s thriller jacket: Yes the red leather jacket with few stripes and zippers seen in the music video of most probably the most popular song in history, thriller is one that will give you the pride incomparable when owning it.

 • John Lennon Jacket: John Lennon is probably one artist who will never ever be forgetton. He was also known for his significant U.S army jacket.

 • Elvis’s leather jacket: In the late fifties Elvis rocked the black leather jacket and got the crowd crazy with his rock and roll.

 • Sid Vicious jacket: The punk Phenomenon rocked a black leather biker jacket in the late 70’s scene and was wearing one when he insulted the famous band Queen.

 • Lemmy ‘s Jacket: This Rock and roll star almost always rocked that evil face with a leather jacket.

 • Iggy Pop’s jacket: The only female in the list, she wore customized leather jacket, made by Molly White and John Dove in the early 70’s. This one is rare and everyone wants it.

 • The Ramones: This Punk band is beyond descriptive limit and they all wore black leather jacket. They wore biker looking leather jackets and now they are phenomenally hit among younger generation.

 • Steve Mc Queen jacket: His bomber jacket is every hipster’s desire. Luckily you can get the replicas.

 • Keith Richards’s jacket: It is a plain but serious and mysterious looking biker design, a not so very used one.

 • Marlon Brando jacket: He is the Myann. Marlon was the one who started it all. He made the leather jackets cool and the ones he wore are the most popular ones and unique in design as well.

We never forget amazingly blockbuster people and their style, just like John Lennon Jacket or any of the ones mentioned above.