Kill Bill Jacket

The bold and colorful trends in celebrity jackets- The top 5 movie jackets

The movie industry influences many things in the world; the different actors have their different styles and designs which are seen in the movies they act. Many movie enthusiasts are mesmerized by the different styles of their favorite actors in the Hollywood industry. Actors come in movie with their cool styles with different colors and styles and each actor and actress try to outdo each other with their new and trendy styles. The most popular attires in movies are the leather jackets which are common on many celebrities especially the musicians and the actors. There are some movies which inspired the bold and colorful trends of celebrities’ leather jackets. Here are some of the top five bold and colorfulcelebrity jackets from the movies.

The Kill Bill Jacket

This yellow with black color jacket is one of the coolest color jackets in the movie industry. The kill bill jacket was inspired from the movies “KILL BILL” and worn by Uma Thurman. This cool jacket is finely and intelligently stitched and some protective padding added for protection. The Kill bill jacket can be worn by as a biker jacket because it is designed as a protective gear. Grab this celebrity jacket and will definitely be a good investment in your wardrobe.

Fight Club Leather Jacket

The fight club jacket is a sparkling code red leather jacket which was worn by Brad Pitt in the movie “Fight Club”. This blazing hot red jacket adds some sophisticated look to the wearer. The bold red color and the sleek tailoring make this jacket one of the most outstanding celebrity jacket in the movie industry. This leather jacket can make the wearer have a slick and cool urban look. This bold color made Brad Pitt look bold and will definitely give you that  smart slim fit look and enhances you spot on look.

Iron Man II Jacket

The Iron Man 2 jacket was inspired by Robert Downy Jr in the movie “Iron man II”. This jacket is available in many stores across the world and you take this opportunity to buy this colorful and bold jacket. This jacket has a mixture of glossy black and slate grey color. You can wear this jacket and make you look as bold as the Iron Man and also adds some cool and sophisticated look to your look.

Rebel withouta Cause Jacket

This red jacket was worn by James Dean in the popular movie “Rebel without a Cause”. This jacket has a baracuta style which was his signature and was very popular during his time and still manages to make fashion statement in the modern industry. This cool jacket can be paired with any jeans or khaki to give you an overall stunning look and also manages to make head turn. Red color is conspicuous and thus makes the wearer look outstanding in crowd and gathering.

Superman Leather Jacket

The superman leather jacket is one of the boldest and colorful celebrity leather jackets which were inspired by Tom Welling in Smallville. This jacket has a cool Superman emblem at the front and is sophisticatedly deigned to make you give you that bold look. The inside of this jacket is also made from very soft material that ensures comfort and coolness.