Layer Cake Jacket

The leather clothings by celebrities - What's been most popular this season - the top 5

Women, definitely, are not the merely ones who put on coat though girls have a benefit while it come to choice since they have an extensive range of label to pick from. Not like women’s fur layer cake jacket coats which come out frequently on runways, fur coats intended for men emerge occasionally rather than frequently through runway shows. Still, this is not to speak that there are no option to opt from. For the 2013-2014 periods, we come across these 5 coats for men from the diverse clothing label. The top 5

Matrix Coat

Outfits Black wool coat prepared in daily use typical, just similar to Keanu Reeves in the Matrix sequence, full lined in black as well as pockets all handy. This is a Heavy calm matrix coat. Tailor Made in your possess dimensions. Coat is as well great for Halloween option. Leather coat is distinct breasted, one concealed button tie, slanted welt pocket, within has one breast pocket on every side with card as well as pen pocket on left, totally lined, back flap through pleated bottom.

James Bond Sky fall Gray Suit - prepared to Measure

This sort of prominent James Bond grey suit has been chosen from Hollywood Block Buster movie – Sky fall as well as the main part of James Bond was done by Daniel Craig. James Bond has by now earned too much repute in the Hollywood business and so his suit. Together with other James Bond clothing’s, this gray Sky fall suit has as well become very fashionable owing to its fashionable look. With an irregular lapel collar, this has distinct breast closure with two button front approach. To give this 007 look the designer have added a chest pouch and a two jetted pocket at the waist height. Having a distinct vent at back of the jacket, together with comfort ability this suit look more fashionable and stylish for formal wear.


Tom Cruise leather Jacket is prepared from premium quality lambskin leather with top viscose lining give you a leading and attractive look. The stitching take on by our expert adds glamour to each detail. Just as the layer cake jacket, the designers have made their best artwork for better fashion. The leather jacket has a pouch on left chest as well as two pockets on the waist span. The flap devise detail cover up the front fastener gives a superb outlook. 


Does the personality Alex Mercer inspire you? If it is your taste then check out the Alex Mercer Leather Jacket. For the audience who has not heard of this, this piece has been extract out from the sport Prototype, which prepared this wear as Alex Mercer’s clothing.

This Prototype Leather Jacket is prepared of real leather. It is all owing to the total effort of our designer that they have shaped this jacket as an allusion of fresh design tendency in our modern-day world.


This slim fit jacket is a bachelor compilation from the movie "17 Again" worn by Zac Efron. Also recognized as Oblow leather jacket, a screw up style outer wear prepared from high excellence lambskin leather by neat stitching. Get one of the top leather jackets to look awesome this season for a perfect match.