Rocky Jacket

The jackets of yesteryears which still make heads turn- The top 10 of last decades

There are several leather jackets in the market which comes in fashion and fades out of fashion very quickly. However, some outstanding jackets have been in the market for decades and still manage to make fashion statement in the fashion industry. The yesteryears jackets were brilliantly designed by ingenious designers who ensure that they did incredible work on tailoring these jackets. Over the past decades there has been evolution and redesigning of the jacketswhich makes the wearers spoilt for choice. The classic leather jackets are simply designed to last longer and still manage to make you look stylish without necessarily making you look old fashion. Here are some of the top ten jackets of the yesteryears which makes heads turns.

Steve McQueen Jacket

The SteveMcQueen jacket is one of the coolest jacketsin the market. This iconic piece of jacket can carry you through several seasons and still manages to make you look extreme stunning. This leather jacket is worthy investing in it because it will last longer.

Fight Club Leather Jacket

The Fight Club Leather Jacket is a timeless leather jacket inspired by Brad Pitt in the popular movie the Fight Club. This stylish and cool jacket is incredibly designed and makes the wearer look smart and elegant.

Indiana Jones Leather Jackets

This is one of the coolest cinematic jackets which were inspired by Harrison Ford in the movie “The Raiders of the Lost Ark”. This classic and timeless jacket is an iconic piece which makes the wearer look marvelous and stylish. You can wear this cool jacket and will give you that brave look just like the actor Harrison Jones.

Marlon Brando Leather Jacket

If were talking of the classic jackets, it doesn’t get any cooler than the Marlon Brando leather jacket. This motor jacket was inspired from the popular movie “The Wild One”. This coolest style of jacket is common among the motorcycle riders.

James Dean Jacket

The James Dean Jacket is another classic leather jacket which was inspired from the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. This eye catching jacket is made from pure leather and can still make you look stunning.

Rocky Jacket

The black rocky jacket worn by Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rocky 3.This piece of classic leather jacket added some glamour to the popular movie and made this rocky jacket look stunning and stylish. This jacket can make you charming and attractive.

Ferris Bueller Jacket

The Ferris Bueller Jacket is a stylish jacket which was inspired from the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This jacket is made from pure quality leather material which can not only make you look stylish but it can also give you some warmth.

Mad Max Jacket

The mad max jacket is a classic jacket which was inspired by Mel Gibson. The style and design is a magnificence piece which has been in fashion for many years without fading. This jacket is one of the coolest and most sought after classic jacket in the market.

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

The Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket is one of the coolest and a unique jacket ever designed and is designed with brilliant designers. This red leather jacket is fashion statement and very trendy.

Howard Hughes Leather Jacket

This classic leather jacket was worn by Leonardo Di Caprio in movie The Aviator. This jacket has a cool and brilliant combination of modern and vintage style which makes it cool.