Skyfall Jacket

The latest in movie star fashion icons: The top 5 movie jackets of this season and the actors

Leather jackets are a protection against bad weather. At the same time, it is so stylish that no matter how you wear it, you will look good. Leather jacket is a classic out among the modern fashion attires. Leather jackets are suitable for every one of all ages. Biker jackets and bomber jackets are the most common types of leather jackets. Bomber jackets were historically worn by pilots and armed forces, and biker jackets are originally manufactured for the motorcycle riders to protect them from harsh weather and road accidents while riding. However, these jackets are a popular fashion item for general people. Much of the credit goes to movie stars who had promoted leather jackets through their movies over the years. The top 5 movie jackets of the season are discussed below.

 • Skyfall jacket:

In James Bond’s latest movie “Skyfall”, actor Daniel Craig wore a stylish distressed leather jacket. The skyfall jacket is fitted with shirt-style collar and front zipper. This skyfall jacket is made from pure sheep skin leather which is very soft and thus comfortable to wear.

 • Guardians of Galaxy jacket:

Chris Pratt’s red leather jacket in the movie ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ is a must-have for those who love leather jackets. This extremely trendy leather jacket is made of sheep skin leather with viscose lining for added comfort.

 • Dark Knight jacket:

Actor Tom Hardy wore a distressed leather coat in the super hit movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. This elegant and stylish coat is brown in color with a rough texture. This jacket was inspired by a Swedish Army Officer outfit called M1909 Field coat. The coat is made of pure lambskin leather with inner lining to give comfort in cold weather.

 • X-men jacket:

This jacket portrays a bold and fearless image. In the movie ‘X-men Origin’, actor Hugh Jackman wore a slim fit leather jacket with contrast design at sleeves, back shoulder and collar. This biker style jacket is antique brown in color having tan details. This jacket will look good with jeans or khakis. It is a perfect choice for casual wear this season.

 • Dead man shoes jacket:

Paddy Considine’s M65 leather jacket in the movie ‘Dead Man's Shoes’ has stunned fashion lovers for its functionalities. This jacket has under arm vents to cool the body when required. There are several hidden pockets in the jacket and these pockets are easily accessible behind the main front pockets to keep important stuffs. The jacket has 15 metal buttons. The mesh lining increases breathability of the jacket. This jacket gives a feeling of angriness, at the same time silence, and this is exactly the image portrayed by the character played in the movie.

Leather jacket boosts one’s masculinity and has much to do with its immense popularity. Leather jacket gives you a rock star image and portrays a strong and impressive personality. Leather jacket’s emphasis over quality and fine detailing in stitching has always attracted people of all ages. Leather jacket is a staple that is found in most men’s wardrobe. The softness of leather jacket gives comfort in cold weather, at the same time gives you a stylish look. Movie stars have always inspired us. As movie stars have the ability to capture millions of hearts within a very short time, they play a huge role in making these leather jackets popular among general people.