Star Trek Jacket

The unconventional movie jackets of this season- The top 5 jackets

Conventional is boring and boring is not something any of us want to be. Be it anything from the kind of songs we listen to kind of movies we watch to kind of clothes we wear, we all try to persuade the crow into believing that we stand out and are better than others. Now when it comes to clothing, good styling is something that sets you apart from the crowd in a good way, not like a ragged piece of shit apart. We are all not ‘style gurus’ and need inspiration from time to time. When it comes to styling and fashion we are mostly inspired from movies and celebrities. Jackets are something both male and female need, desire and wear. Now, about styling with a jacket, it is not an easy job neither rocket science. Jackets can define and spoil your personality depending on how you wear them. A jacket can make you look like a lousy 80 year old (not meaning all 80 years are lousy), a serious gentleman or a stud, just about anything you might want to look like. Jackets from movies are craze among people, but you would not want the conventional ones here, so we got the list of 5most unconventional movie jackets for you here:

 • Hunger games jacket: The jacket worn by Katniss in ‘Hunger games’ movies is unconventional looking if you can recall. If you cannot then it is the one that does not strike as a women jacket but looks awesome. It has two flab pockets at the waist and it has a rough look.

 • Wolverine jacket: Now this is the one jacket men crave for. It has all the looks to kill for. It has the perfect fall, length and the one specifically with red stripes on the shoulder looks amazing on tall guys.

 • Star Trek Jacket: This movie is a legend and everything in it is pricelessly important to all the fans which basically are the entire world’s population that watches movies. You can try the uniform hoodies jackets replica from this movie , the jackets are unconventional in a sense that they are not the usual movie jackets with chains and bling but uniforms of the character that look seriously nerdy and cool. Get your nerd out with the unconventional star trek jacket.

 • Batman jacket: This is a killer for all wanna be superheroes out there. You can get one with ‘the symbol’ on it and look seriously off the crowd with this one.

 • Devil may cry 5, leather coat/jacket: This one has red collar and sleeves and the rest is black. It is a bit down the waist and will look great on men with some height. The jacket will immediately get you noticed as it is simply super cool.

One of the best ways to be noticed in this populous and self sufficient world is to let people see your queer and the best way to do that is dress as a batman or Picard. Jokes apart, it is true that being different is nothing new to human race, but you seeing the competition these days, right? Not everybody’s style is the most trendy or the popular, so many of us like to look how we are; a bit queer and unconventional. The jackets above serve just the purpose.