Tom Cruise Leather Jacket

The new jackets from Hollywood which made its mark in fashion world this season

Hollywood is a dream to everyone who is not from there. There are various stories it tells one of many are the fashion stories. What are celebrities wearing, carrying, and eating, hating loving and whatnot? Everything about Hollywood excites everyone in the world. Hollywood has a great contribution in the fashion world. The Hollywood movies have a special grasp on the audience worldwide and loved movie means loved merchandises from the movies. Hollywood has had may remarkable movies whose character’s clothing have made their mark in fashion. Hollywood comes with lots of action flicks and superheroes movies and the one striking thing about both the genres of the movie industry is that they feature unique costuming and especially jackets. Hollywood has had given many revolutionary and new jacket trends that have made the mark. So what are the jackets from Hollywood that are in fashion this season? Curious, aren’t you? Well, how can anyone not be, as there are just absolute coolest jacket collection from Hollywood. Here are four of the jackets from Hollywood that you should flaunt this season:

 • Tom Cruise leather jacket: Tom cruise’s bomber jacket from Top gun is whole lot famous and it is dead cool but here we are referring to the oblivion jacket. The jacket is striking as it is in white and is totally leather although there are chances you might get faux leather replica or something like that. If you want that nerdy yet cool look then this is the jacket to go for. It shows your love for movies and makes you look great the same time. So, this winter go for Tom Cruise leather jacket.

 • Captain America Jacket: Captain America is most probably one of the most loved and oldest truly American Superhero. And that is one reason why Captain America Jacket should be your winter wardrobe this year. The remarkable feature is the white star on the jacket. Also this jacket is a real chill protective jacket as it comes with neck collars.

 • The Ghost Rider Jacket: Hollywood just don’t always give out Kim Kardashian or Biebier to the world, it gives some amazing movies like X-men Ghost rider and some amazing jacket like of the action ghost rider jacket. It is your typical leather biker jacket but only more awesome and bad ass.

 • The Casablancas’ jacket: Now movie stars are not the only ones in Hollywood and musicians are as big of celebrities as they are. Julian Casablancas from the band The Stroke is famous for his music but also for his signature jacket. The black leather jacket with vertical breast zipper and coat buttons is one true thing that will take your styling and looking good level higher.

These jackets are just 4 among many that are going to be hot this winter. You definitely cannot get them all, it is not possible and it would be stupid as well. But take one or two for the season wisely. Check your favourites, requirements, budget, style interest, physical feature before getting one of these as these ;eater jackets will almost never in your lifetime get out of style and if you get it in goo leather it will last longer as well. Winter is not just about covering your whole body to keep it warm, keep warm but like a boss.