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The most popular biker jackets brands of this season- The top 5 and their trends

There are five brands of biker jackets that are absolutely must have this season. Unlike most top five lists, this oneis a bit different in that none of the brands on this list are necessarily better than the others. They all have their own unique traits they bring to the table that put them up on this list. One such of these categories might be quality, while another may be affordability. These are the top five best brands to buy on this year determined by the unique trends in the jackets that make them so popular in the first place.

 • Harley Davidson. These jackets are some of the most well-known biker jackets around. Conservative, durable, and trusted by bikers worldwide, it’s no wonder this brand made the top five list this season. These jackets are the type of jackets that you typically think of when you think of bikers. And to top it off, that Harley Davidson label is a high selling label. People can’t get enough of the label simply because it’s so well-known and trusted by so many individuals. These jackets tend to be a bit more pricy then normal jackets, but the overall quality can’t be beat. These are the kind of jackets that will definitely protect from road rash in a worst case scenario.

 • KTM . While KTM doesn’t specifically deal with biker jackets, they do make a quality product when they put out a product. KTM jackets are trendy, dark, made of light material that can adapt to any climate, and overall fully compliment the KTM motorcycle the best out of any brand of biker jacket. KTM jackets are trendy, light, warm, tightfitting, and are overall a great quality among biker jackets everywhere.

 • Joe rockets. Joe rockets brand jackets are just as good as any high quality brand only their sold for a bit cheaper than other brands. Joe rockets typically come in the euro racer style, but also make a few American style leather biker jackets as well. The style of leather jacket looks somewhat like a mix of the two styles, combining the American leather jacket look with the euro racer look. This brand made the top five list this year for the price. It’s by far one of the better deals you can get in terms of premium biker jackets.

 • Alpinestars. Speaking of KTM jackets, alpinestars and KTM also have a bit of a deal going on where a few alpine stars jackets are made exclusively to be sold by KTM and KTM distributers. These jackets are what you typically think of when you think of racing jackets. Alpinestars are some of the best quality biker jackets made. You pay for what you get. These jackets are basically the epitome of the euro biker jacket and best suit a bike with a need for speed.

 • Xelemont. Xelemont jackets are the highest classic leather motorcycle gear you can find. When you think of leather motorcycle gear for classic American bikers, look no further than xelemont. These jackets are some of the best quality leather jackets on the market, and to top it off, they have that all American feel to it that only the best of the best really know how to get right. The classics have never been cooler then with xelemont.