Leather Pants For Men

The 5 most popular leather pants designs of this season

Gone are the days when leather pants used to look like sole rights of bikers, punk rock stars or hardcore fashion enthusiasts or designers, leather pants is for all now. This year saw the casual and formal use of leather pants at a very huge level among celebrities and normal day to day people. Leather pants are often associated with being ridiculous looking, uncomfortable and disgusting. But it is clearly a myth. You can wear leather pant and look cool, sexy, hot and just functional, all the hype about it being dysfunctional is just all myth. You have to take care of a few things and you will be ready to go with a pair of leather pants. Skin tight leather pants are not for non-skinny or big boned people. It is true that you need to have at least one pair of leather pants in your wardrobe but you have the choices. You can have the skinny leather pants, regular leather pants or sweatpants leather pants. So, as we all know fashion is one of the rapidly updated industries we have today. Every season new trends come in or get updated. SO what’s in this season for the leather pants? What are the most popular leather pants for men this season?

The most popular leather pants for men design this season:

 • Steer hide leather black leather jeans: This jeans in leather is quite popular this season. You can get these jeans in steer hide leather in red and black colour. Leather is considered to be of high value if made in USA. Look for that quality with seamless attachments and also bottom that is raw edges so you can customize the length. This jeans are perfect either if you want to just go out, go to a concert, local pub or even more motorcycling purposes.

 • Denim style leather pants: you can get this kind of pants in lamb leather. And lamb leather is known for its softness and suppleness which offer a perfect edge to whole of your look. They are different from other leather pants in the sense that they have a leg cut that is straight and adorned with rivet detailing which is metallic looking. You can wear it out in the sun riding motorcycle or just sue it for everyday activities or why not for a punk or a rock concert?

 • Leather capris: These are popular among male celebrities. Leather capris with a shirt or a one of a kind vest or a jacket with a derby on the head and nice pair of shoes can give you that edgy and smart look at the same time. Capris are rather cropped than regular leather pants and a bit tighter too. So, yes, this trend is popular among young and a bit skinnier guys.

 • Leather pants for instant rocker style: You need to get your leather pants with combat style boots and a cool graphic t-shirt too rock this look. You will need a tight leather pants and you can also add a belt to it.


 • Leather pants with strings for hook and zipper: This is comfier as there is no zipper or hooks but strings like for trousers and this are more functional.