Motorcycle Pants

The new biker pants in Europe in this season- What most popular

Bikers are always cool by their attitudes. You know what adds more to their attitude –The dress. What they wear like what jacket they wear and what pants they feel like to wear defines their coolness to some extent. Every season bikers have their own trends of wear to follow. From jackets, mask to the pants and sometimes even the globes and shoes, it defines their attitude and personality .So every season there are trends in the dress they wear which the biker follow and so does the other generations.

This season the trend is all with the Kevlar lining. This season the jean that has been lined all with Kevlar has been in the market. Apart from that even the cargo pants with the Kevlar lining is in high demand by the bikers. This season the choice is such that the pant not only acts as a biker pant but also can be used while attending a business meeting or some formal program. This has been the biggest shift in the biker trend. Some of the important biker pant trends this season are:

1) Motto wear : This is one of the biker motorcycle pants which is developed in Europe .The main feature of this pant is that it is aesthetically very pleasant and cozy to wear. Apart from that it is made with the lining of the Kevlar which is a very popular trademark in the market of biker pants. Generally this was the first wear which introduced some stylish knee protector or knee saver. It is not just some adjustable extra additive in the jeans but actually it is just that the extra addition of leather and softener has been used to save the knee from any kind of possible accidents that one might face while the biking game.

2) SARTSO : This is one of the jeans that has been developing new fashioned wear for bike .The trend of this biker pant is popular is Australia but yet this is popular this season even in Europe.

3) DIE247: These new brands of the biker pant in Europe are popular for their dual character. These pants can be used as the biker pant in smartest way and again it can be used as a casual wear with much comfort. This motorcycle pants do have knee protector which can be adjusted as per the size of the knee.

4) Dragonar Motorcycle pants: This is another important and popular trend of the motorcycle pants. The pant comes with washable form with stripes on the hip thigh and the knee portion. This is one of the Swiss inspired pants which has adjustable knee protector on the knee .Being made from the abrasion resistant product this makes a strong place in the market of jeans in 2014.Also it is very comfortable to wear with YKK and large pockets in it. New stitching methods and special embroidery makes it a charm for biker pant.

Good pants make the biker look amazing and enhance the personality. Although the trend changes every year but these brands and trends have been ruling the market since long time and seems they will be ruling for long time too. With motorcycle pants that come with new fashion and trend, they have left a mark of fashion even in or among the biker gangs.