Leather Saddlebags

Saddle bags- what to pay attention while buying, and what to buy this season

A motorcycle is important part of someone's life that travels a lot but the problem is there is not much place for luggage with motorcycle to carry essential things. It’s where we feel need of motorcycle luggage. Motorcycle Saddle bags is something which every motorcycle owner needs. Saddle bags are designed to keep things organized while making low gravity effect on bike and keeping it stylish. It’s most traditional way of motorcycle luggage

There are many types of saddle bag available like large capacity hard bags, commuter cargo, classic saddle bags and leather saddlebags.

For tough riders who travel lot leather saddlebags are the best option as it’s durable with its classic and unique look. But still it's hard to decide which one to buy. We need to focus on different important factor before buying one. Factors like its build, quality of material used in it, its look and how it will work with bike are things which we must consider primarily while buying one but still there are many other factor we need to keep in mind.

Some of important factor to consider before buying saddle bag to ensure it goes well with your style and functionality are as:-

 • How it fits- There are different saddle bags for different type of bikes. Chances are that you will like one from the way it looks on some bike but if it's not made for the bike you use it better not to use it. Before buying it you must consider how it fits with your bike

 • It’s Quality- it's not only about style and how it looks how it fits with your bike. Saddle bags are meant to carry your essential while you travel so quality is a major factor to keep in mind while buying one. Like materials it is made of. How long it will last and is it perfect to work in every condition or not.

 • Materials used - There are different kind of saddle bags which are made of different kind of materials. Most of them are synthetic leather made which have a glowing look. Traditional leather saddlebags which are classic and unique look. Nylon made saddlebags and plastic made saddle bags are also available in market .synthetic leather bags are light and stylish. Classic leather saddlebags are durable with its unique look and suitable for bikers who travel a lot or for long term use. Nylon saddle bags are lighter and more durable than synthetic leather bags. Plastic saddlebags are most durable but there is always risk of it cracking.

 • How handy it is: Another thing you must keep considers is how handy it is to use. Sometime you may not need it and may be you need to remove it from motorcycle. If you need something like that you must consider how detachable it is so when you are done with riding you can detach and take it with you or when you don't need it just detach it and enjoy riding your motorcycle as you want. At some point every biker need a saddle bag to carry things and if you are going to choose one considering these factors will surely help you get a saddle bag which will fits perfect with your need and bike.