Leather Mini Skirt

Trendy and chic-whats the must have in leather skirts this season

It’s impossible to imagine wardrobe of mature woman without skirt. It makes a woman feminine and gives her sureness in her beauty. Everywoman wants to look chic and stylish even in daily life. It’s easy to do it choosing right skirt for this season.

This year we skirts on all podiums and designers propose women a lot of variants that will help to underline their beauty. The most popular models are pencil, mini, midi and circle skirts. Leather, being the self-sufficient material makes every model bright even if it’s made in classic black color without special decorations. If you prefer to show your elegance and demonstrate high style, you will do it easily with a pencil skirt to the knee. Midi skirt is called “must have” of this season for every woman, because it shows beauty of legs, it’s easy to wear it with any type of shoes and you will feel warm and comfortable in any season. In winter it will warm you up, in summer you won’t feel too hot in it. The most popular trend of this season is belt. Elegant straps decorated with rhinestones, real stones and figure metal details will be the best addition to straight skirt. It’s also very popular to wear midi skirts with decorative holes, fringe, embroideries and prints. The most popular is model with combination of different colors and patterns. Flower motives are also presented on podiums, so, there is very big choice for original and romantic women. If you want to be original, you can stop on real trend of this season- combination of different materials, Your leather skirt will look much ore original if there will be parts of suede, silk or guipure.

Of course, you don’t need to forget about leather mini skirt. This season you must forget about borders and show your beauty. Designers will help you proposing a big number of luxury models and choosing a leather mini skirt decorated with rhinestones or embroidery you will look really great. The most popular is bright color mini-skirt and if you want to choose the ideal form for it, you can choose A-form skirt. This year it’s one of the best trends. Designers propose bright models that will remind you about hot summer, so, you can easily buy orange, yellow, red or pink leather mini-skirt and attract all sights. Or you can choose a model of cold colors, so, popular this season, like lilac, green, blue or light-blue. It’s real trend to play with colors, so, if you want to choose the best skirt, you can take a contrast skirt of light color with contrast pockets and belt or with combination of light and dark colors.

Brown came back top podiums and it’s sure that next season we will also see a lot of chocolate motives and shadows. If you want to choose universal skirt hat will make you impressive for many seasons, you can stop on model of hot chocolate color, light sandy color, elegant beige or dark leather skirt. It will look especially stylish in combination with high heels shoes and large belt.

This year designers also didn’t forget abut long skirt. You can easily impress people with choice of long white leather skirt with flower or animal prints. It looks very elegant and you can find circle or straight variants. Straight long skirt will look especially impressive with two symmetric cuts till the middle of hips. Just imagine yourself in such skirt and be sure that you will look great on the date or business-lunch.