Biker Jacket Women

The jackets you cannot do without - the new trends in women biker jackets

The first man to design the parachute jacket got most of its fame when the first men took a ride of 200 kilometer speed without stopping for 2 hours. The parachute was soon known as one of the most famous aviation and racing garment. Later in 1919, designers decided to start a new and completely different line of biker jackets clothing and parachutes for the racers and bikers. In no time the famous parachutes and biker jackets got famous everywhere in the world.

Thefirst biker jacket women were the most famous garment created by this highly renowned designer. Made up from the brilliant sheepskin of 100% quality, the thickness of wool provided its wearer a great amount of warmth and insulation. While 100% sheepskin was known as a heavy weight garment, the jacket was surprisingly light in weight and exceptionally comfortable. The original jacket was a masterpiece, created by keeping in mind the quality of material, the luxury of design and comfort combined with freedom of movement and mobility. The jacket originally had long sleeves that were zipped to allow ease in wearing. It has a wide round collar that could be raised to ensure excellent insulation across the neck and below the neck area. You will also find a belt wrap around the waist area to provide protect the bikers against draughts and reduce the level of alertness.

Over time the jacket has revolved around countries and with so much demand, designers and companies decided to mold it in their own ways. However, the perfection of the original jacket didn’t let this actually happen. So each year when looking for jackets for women, you will see something similar, however always looking as new and unique as before.

Here are some of the characteristics of the brilliantly made Irvin leather jackets:


This is without any doubt the best thing about these jackets. Sheepskin is not only famous for its incredible insulation and protection, but for its long lasting quality and reliability. Irvin jackets are made from 100% sheepskin leather with long wool prepared specially for the aircrew men.


Although most companies who try to experiment with the jacket were keen to change the color of this jacket, but just as I mentioned above, there was nothing better than the original seal brown color of leather. The inside lining of the jacket is Warm honey color which naturally blends with the outside color of the jacket.


For men, pockets may not be very useful, but for women they surely are. Biker jackets for women have this great pocket on both the inside and the outside of the jacket, difference of material however will be found in different jackets.


The jackets are perfectly seamed and over locked with double stitched soft leather.


You will also find beautiful buckle which closes down at the waist belt and is made from the cast brass.

Now the most important part is the authentication and identification of the right biker jacket women. The best way is to look for the quality and the right size. Make sure it is made for you, for your gender and is not just an improved fitting of a man’s leather biker jacket.