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The latest trends in apparels for bikers this season: The top 5 accessories

If you are in a mad dash to get to places beneath the snowy terrains, get ready for the top 5 accessories that are hot this season of winter. No matter what the driving condition, you will need the right motorcycle apparel for your trip. Yet themost important things you will need on these cold months are a pair of hot grips for your motorbike, winter gloves, thermal layers of fabrics, winter waterproof boots, trousers and of course your jacket.

Arriving fully dressed on the road stops or to the great heights in Sierra Nevada in the Southern part of Spain won’t be a hassle if you are decked with the trendiest biker gear. Since the age of exploration is clearly upon anyone who loves the outdoors, it won’t be surprising at all if he is also inclined to the latest fashion. Since winter is all about layering with comfort, the latest trends in motorcycle apparels for this season are in sync with your current fascinations with the colours perfect for the winter such as pine green, cinnamon and firewood. Follow us to find out the top 5 accessories in biker apparel to take you to the snow covered slopes and landscapes this beautiful winter.

1. Winter Jacket

The jackets for this season are not in any way different with your usual motorcycle apparel when it’s about safety features as it comes with all the necessary pockets for reinforcement paddings. These jackets are equipped with layers of thermal liners, which you can also remove. The outer shell is mostly made of Cordura nylon with breathable and waterproof sheath. It comes with fold out hood to reach your helmet to resist water to seep in. You can attach your trousers to it with the short connection zippers should you need to.

2. Waterproof Trousers

The challenges of every day are made easier with adjustable waist, tapered ankle adjustments and stretchable rear and knee panels for a perfect fit. The external pockets with zippers allow you to reach for your stuff easily. These trousers come with armour protection to ensure safety. It is slightly oversized since it is designed to protect your clothing underneath. You can entwine your trouser with interlinking zips to your jacket for maximum water resistance.

3. Waterproof Boots

Add the right amount of adventure to your look with a low-cut touring boot. It is designed to look perfectly with your jeans or protective trouser. Other than your motorcycle, there is a pair of waterproof boots to take you to places.

4. Thermal Layers

Base layers are designed to provide warmth and protection from elements during the winter. These can be found on fleece neck warmers, full-face windproof cover, thermal shirts, long sleeve tops, bodysuits and trousers.

5. Winter Gloves

A pair of thermal gloves is one thing you shouldn’t be without for the winter. Although small, but it works perfectly against wind chills. These are water resistant, windproof sheaths underneath the airy fleece and lightweight external shell.

If you are no stranger to the adventurous treks, highways and little corners of the streets with your motorbike, you definitely had the right motorcycle apparel for the summer, winter, fall or rain. For someone who’s into the latest styles, designs and trends, finding the apt biker gear ‘at the moment’ is also no stranger to fashion.