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Biker jackets latest trends in color and design patterns this winter: The top 5 trends

One of the coolest, most loved and widely used attire in leather is biker jacket without any doubts. Though there are various types of leather you can easily get in the market but the charm of the biker jackets would make you fall in love with them. Biker jackets are now not only limited to the bikers and bike riders. It is very common among general people as well just because of the style and confidence these jackets provide to the person. Various celebrities like Michael Jackson, James Dean, Marlon Brando, etc. are the famous names attached with the biker jackets’ history.

Also these jackets are not only limited to men. Women can also easily flaunt these tough biker jackets with very much elegance. Female pop stars like Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, etc. have carried these tough biker look with a lot of grace and attitude. So this season are you ready to try the new and trendy designs and colors of these biker jackets for this winter?

Here are some of the latest trends in colors and design patterns of biker jackets to keep you fashionable and warm during this winter are as follows:

 • Traditional Biker jackets:

Biker jackets are very cool and no one can deny that fact. It has been people’s favourite for ages now. The traditional ones were basically black because they did not have good technologies to die the leather from which the jackets are made. Black is yet a classic color that everyone likes. So, it has been famous among people ever since it was designed.

 • Colored biker jackets:

Traditional biker jackets are quite old now, and black has been a monotonous color for now. So, to meet the demands of the general costumers, the fashion designers and clothiers this season have designed biker jackets of various colors. With the help of new technologies, the leather can be dyed into the color as you wish. Now you can get any colored jacked, red biker jackets, yellow motorcycle jacket, or brown biker jackets. Whatever color you wish for, is easily available in the stores.

 • Fur collared biker jackets:

These trendy leather biker jackets are now attached with fur to make you and your neckline and chest even warmer during the winter. Leather itself is a great fabric and associated with fur adds a great warmth. Wouldn’t you like to try that??

 • Floral printed biker jackets:

Women usually want any of their outfits to be quite feminine. So, especially for women, here we have in the market are the floral printed biker jackets. There jackets are worn with pride and attitude by our very favourite pop star, Rihanna. She has been spotted in various events wearing these jackets.

 • Studded biker jackets:

There are people who want to have a punk look. So these studded biker jackets are especially for those people. The studs add a perfect detail to the punk look that you are wishing for.

Here you have a huge range of jackets available in the market just for you this season. Try many colors like, brown biker jackets, yellow motorcycle jacket, blue biker jackets and many more. And try the pretty floral prints with your elegant skirts. And keep yourself warm with the fur collared jackets. Go on, try as many as you can!!