Leather Vest

The most popular trends in leather vests this season.

Vest was always very important part of wardrobe, but last years this garment has enormous popularity because of its comfort and facility to combine it with other cloths. Some people can think that vest can be part of image only of sport and active person. But this season we see a lot of new trends that proves us that vest can be good companion for all the people.

This year we see a lot of different vests on podiums, from short tiny vests from silk to large vest- coats that will save all your body from wind and cold and that will underline your tenderness thanks to large forms, so popular this season. But we will talk mostly about leather vests, because leather is one of the most popular materials of this season. Leather vest will serve you for many years and you can be sure that it will be in trend. Very often we associate leather with biker style and of course, this style is very popular now. If you like strong and independent image and you want to create special look, you can choose classic black leather vest decorated with zips, buttons, spikes and chains. You will look very stylish if you will combine it with leather pants or skirt. If you don’t want to look too aggressive, you can choose lighter colors of other garment and they will perfectly match to your black vest. We can see a lot of vests performed in black color, but there are many variants, from bright glance variants with a lot of decorations and figure buttons from very elegant vests in minimalistic style with tender and soft line of shoulders and minimum f details that match any type of cloth.

But this season we see tendency of combination of all styles. By the way, if you want to have romantic and dreamer look, you can make such affect choosing combination of black leather vest with light dress from silk or other tender material. The effect will be even stronger if you will choose dress of tender color, like beige or rose with flower print and you will underline your femininity with high heels.

Speaking about trends of this season it’s impossible to forget about rich color gamma and unusual decisions for vests. We can see combination of different types of leather and leather with other materials, like silk, guipure, tweed, jersey, suede and others. All details of vests are made in different colors. There are very popular combinations of violet and lilac, of brown and beige and there is impression of eternal theme of yin-yang. At least, we see a lot of variants where light color is combined with dark one. Prints are also very popular and it’s possible to see a lot of animalistic, flower, geometric and abstract motives. As for cage, it’s always popular, so, if you want to choose original vest, you can choose bright cage model and be sure that next year it will also look very stylish.

If before vests were part of active and sport garment, this year we see that it entered classic style and it’s very popular to combine vests from leather with pants costumes for office. If you want to be on top of fashion, you can choose a long variant till the middle of hip or if you prefer brighter and more original and creative models, pay attention to small vests-tops. If you want to wear your vest in cold time of year, you can choose one of very popular large vests- coats decorated with fur and enjoy walk even in frost.