Motorcycle Vest

The new range of branded biker vest: The top 10 of this season

Biker style was always popular for people who can’t live without bike. It’s comfortable, stylish, very cozy. But what is the most important, biker style in garment became special sign of all motorcycle culture and though all we know classis treats of this style, it has some changes, especially with new times.

1. The most popular model of this season is black classic variant of motorcycle vest, but with new design. We can see such decorations like metal buttons, oblique zipper, large leather belt, spikes on line of shoulders. A lot of people still prefer such style and it will be always good old classic. Every biker will look very stylish in black leather, it will match to any other part of biker equipment and to any bike.

2. This season we see very popular mosaic black variant, you will easily find a lot of such models. It’s very popular to combine different types of leather, so, in combination of glance and mat leather you will look wonderful. Men can choose variant of very original vest made from peaces of leather, it looks great and even don’t need extra decorations!

3. This year you can choose motorcycle vest of any color, from classic black variant to luxury white, from conservative grey one to unbelievable orange, from cold blue to hot yellow and original combination of colors. We also see many vests made like from two parts and usually they are made in contrast colors, so, if you are looking for something original that will express your character, this year you have very big choice. The third the most popular vest is colorful variant.

4. Designers decided to propose motorcycle vest that won’t be too practice, but it’s very stylish. One of the most popular variants is crocodile short vest-top with high collar. There are models for men and women who want to be in the center of attention.

5. If you like to play with contrasts, this season it’s very popular to wear large motorcycle vest with length till the middle of hips. It gives femininity to women and men look stronger in such vest.

6. Motorcycle vest with embroidery on the back still wins hearts of bikers. There are classic decorations that are still very popular for decorations of vests, but we also see new tendencies even here. If before we saw embroidery on vests and usually it was name of club or fire or wings, now choice is much bigger, from stars to abstract forms. Embroidery is made also in very bright manner and it’s combined with rhinestones, metal details and figure buttons.

7. One of the most popular decisions of this season is unusual performance of back. Very often it’s made from peaces of leather with holes under them or there is also very stylish variant, a back from belts. Of course, it won’t save you from wind as good, but it looks very original.

8. This year we see a lot of prints used even in biker style. It’s very popular to use minimalistic print for decoration of collar of motorcycle vest. We also see some historic elements in design of vests.

9. Brown color is one of the most popular colors of this season and if you want to look stylish, you can choose vest of any shadow of chocolate with classic oblique zipper and minimum of details.

10. Women model of motorcycle vest with combination of leather and suede. Designers propose geometric asymmetric prints for such vest that make it even more popular for women-bikers.