Red Leather Vest

The trend of unconventional leather vests- Whats new

Leather vest was always presented in fashion collections, because it’s not only very stylish and original cloth that is easily combined with garment of other styles, it’s also very comfortable part of your wardrobe that is easy to use for many seasons and be sure that it will mach you in any situation. The season designers propose to forget about borders and propose new unconventional variants of leather vests.

Before we saw mostly black leather vests with classic design, decorated with zippers, metal buttons, chains, spikes and classic embroidery of biker symbols, like wings, eagles, fire and skulls. This season we also see such models, but we see at once difference. If before black vests were made from mat leather, now we see a lot of mosaic vests made from different types of leather or just from pieces of one type of leather. It gives wild and brutal effect to your vest and such aggressive notes are very popular this season, especially if you combine it with contrast garment, for example with classic straight shirt of light color or, women can combine such vest with light dress. This season we see trend of combination of different styles, materials, textures and colors.

If you want to choose really original model you can choose black color vest, but with new design. Designers propose women many models that show their femininity and advantages of bodies. One of the best models of this season is straight vest with high collar closed on oblique zipper with one decorative metal button with unusual performance of back. You will se many models with back from belts. As for models for men, you can also see many belts, but they are mostly situated on sides of vest.

The most unusual decision of this season is color. This year we see changing of classic image of biker vest. It’s very popular to wear brown, beige, white, red leather vest. Men models are made mostly in dark color gamma, but even in men’s fashion we see a lot of green, violet, cherry and red leather vest. If you want to find luxury and original model, you can stop on combination of white color with black pockets or collar. One of trends of this season is playing with contrast and you can also stop on two-parts vest. Mostly it’s made from dark and light variant of close colors, like violet and lilac, dark-green and emerald, but of course, it’s always popular to wear combination of black and white. As for length, the most popular is model of vest to waist, but if you want to impress and look stylish, it’s better to choose small sexy top-vest or vest till the middle of the hip, it’s fashionable decision.

This season we see tendency of combination of different materials. You can see many stylish vests with parts of suede, it looks very stylish and elegant, both these materials are self-sufficient and even if you take a classic vest without many decorations, you will look very good in it and it will be easy to combine such vest in biker style even with business suit. Now we see a lot of feminine decorations in performance of vests, such as guipure, lace, flower motives and different prints. This season we see a lot of original vests with fringe and ethnic prints, they look like Indian garments and add free notes to any image. If you look for something effect and original, you can easily choose such red leather vest with long fringe and wear it with any cloth.