Mens Suede Jacket

Suede jacket trends- The most popular models of this season

Leather jackets have always remained a very demanding outfit. It’s tough, elegant and universal appeal still attracts people of all walks of life. For years, leather jackets have been rediscovered and given a new shape and look to attract people. Recently, it has been discovered by fashion designers that Bottom of Form

textures play an important part in the quality of a leather jacket. Prices of jackets vary because of various textures. Suede is a type of leather that is napped in finish. Suede jackets are good insulators. So are great for cold weather. Suede jackets give a cool and modern look. It is appropriate to wear suede jackets in the daytime as well as for evening engagements. A variety of suede jackets are available in this season’s collections.

Bomber jackets and moto jackets which are usually made of smooth leather. This season’s collection has some of these traditional jackets made of suede leather. Mens suede jacket gives a unique style and makes you stand out from the crowd. Suede bomber and moto jackets are stylish. Suede’s soft and napped finish provides a distinct texture, giving the jacket a new dimension. Suede bomber jackets look better over time as it gets distressed and worn out. Though it is a style of the 70s, suede bomber jackets has been reinvented and given a modern look.

Suede patch on leather jackets is another new trend this season. Suede patches can be on the elbow and shoulders. Ribbed cuffs and collars create a modern style of varsity jacket, which are prominent in shades of blue, red and grey. This style of jacket looks good with neck knitwear or a plain white t-shirt with fitted jeans. This Fringed suede jackets, another new dimension given to the old cow boy look, give a rock n roll image. Mens suede jacket usually have front buttons or zippers. It can be found in high collar or flat collar. Elastic waist band is very common on suede jackets. Some jackets have front pockets also. A twist to the traditional design is the contrast colored sleeves. Neck lines and cuffs are also found in contrast colors. Linings or detailing in bright colors on neutral colored suede jacket is very trendy this season. These linings or highlights are on collar, waist bands and cuffs. For example, linings of orange and green on navy blue suede jackets.

Suede is a particular kind of leather which has a soft finish or napped finish. Suede is usually made from inner part of cow leather. However, pig suede and doe suede are also found. Suede leather doesn’t have a hard coating, which makes it soft. Suede jackets are on demand because of its softness, which makes it most appropriate for winter. This soft feel of suede jackets make it more comfortable to wear than other leather jackets. Colors look more vibrant on suede leather, so fashion designers experiment a lot on colored suede leather jackets.

Recently, the traditional suede jacket has been given a modern look by the fashion designers. This season, suede jackets are found in outstanding color ranges which have been very appealing to the jacket lovers. Suede jackets can be worn throughout the year. As a result, it won’t be a mistake to call it a timeless piece of fashion item.